Before buying a bike online, you need to answer a lot of questions about the type of bike you’ll need. Therefore, buying a bike online with nary a thought is not only a tremendous time waster. The careless act can cost you way more money than the task requires.

So here are some tips to successfully buying a bike online. First, know thyself as the Greek philosopher Socrates was known to say to his pupils in Athens. There are many different types of bikes out in the market, making buying a bike online the antithesis of a cut and dried procedure.

If you don’t conduct your own personal inventory first, chances are, you can easily succumb to all the expensive temptations that are out there. For the fact remains, merchants have all the bells and whistles to tempt you with, in the event of buying a bike online. Ask yourself, what will you really need a bike for?

Do you need a bike for work, recreation or sports competition? There are many different kinds of bikes out there without even mentioning brands or models. Here’s a short list of the basic types of bikes around: Road, mountain, hybrid, touring, cyclocross, gravel, all-road, fixed gear or single speed, city or traditional, electric or e-bike, electric mountain bike or E-MTB, folding, and kids.

Is your head spinning yet? Yes, buying a bike online can be pretty challenging even for the experienced ones. Every bike type has its own set of pros and cons. To illustrate, the road bike is excellent for speed on tarmac. But if you plan on exploring the great outdoors mostly, you’re better off with a mountain bike. When you want the best of both worlds, you’ll probably need a hybrid bicycle to ensure that you’re buying a bike online in a financially responsible manner.

Unless you plan on being a cycle collector or you don’t mind ending up with bicycles that you don’t need, you need to give a good thought to buying a bike online. Also, you don’t want to buy a road cycle when you need to bring excess baggage to and from work. In addition, buying a bike online of the mountain variety won’t cut it if you’ll need to take the bike with you to hop on the train or the bus as part of your daily commute. The more you devote time to thinking through buying a bike online, the happier and more fulfilled you’ll feel. It’s time to close your eyes and like a Yogi or Jedi Master, tune out all the noise of buying a bike online. You’ll be surprised at how the real answers come to you.