From an everyday commuter means to touring bike rides, cycling has been an ageless activity. It is with no doubt that a bike shop is the oldest form of a vehicle shop in history. A bicycle is a vehicle constituted of two wheels in a frame placed one beyond the other, steered with handlebars connected to the front wheel and propelled by pedals.


The “Dandy Horse” with the uncanny resemblance to the modern day bike can be recognised as the antecedent to the now modern bicycle. It was launched in 1817 by Baron Drais and was a compilation of a wooden frame supported by two-in-line wheels propelled by steering the front wheel with the feet. It was not until the early 1860s when Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement revolutionized the bicycle design which became the first in mass production. The bicycle design was there after improved, introducing bicycle wheels with wire spokes in the same year, reducing the front wheel diameter and setting the seat further back in 1868 and introducing the chain drive. The Stanley’s 1885 Rover a product of Coventry was the first patent design of the modern bicycle.

Types of Bicycles
There is a variety of bicycles. One’s choice will be based on budget, riding location, health status and the frequency of use. Some of the common types include:

Mountain bicycle
This bike features lower gears, straight wide handlebars, better breaking systems, wider tires and a step-over clearance frames.

Road bicycle
A road bike features a lightweight frame, narrow tires, short wheelbase, flat-bar or drop-bar handles and optional lighting system and cargo racks.

Commuter bicycle
The bike features an upright riding position and a sturdy frame designed for urban areas.

Hybrid bicycle
The hybrid bike is a crossbreed between a mountain and road bike. It features an upright handlebar position, narrower frames and tires to mountain bikes but sturdier than road bikes, suitable for paved roads and short trips.

Bike Shop
A bike shop is a small scale business specialised in bicycle sale, maintenance and spare parts. Bike shops help one find great rides and the latest cycling information. Purchasing a new bicycle from a bike shop instead of a merchant department has several advantages such as:

Ensuring that a bike is the right size and is adjusted properly to fit the customer.
The bikes are assembled in-store and test ridden by experienced mechanics.
Offering a wide selection of quality cycling clothing, accessories and helmets in different models, sizes and colours.

Bicycle shops are the central source for more than just great bicycle apparels. The shops often serve as advocates in your area, thus finding a good bike shop is salient.